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Are You the Giving Kind? – Giving Back with Photography

In my job I have the distinct pleasure of meeting so many great people who inspire me. I have finally realized at my late age that I am an introvert, and what that means is that I would not likely put myself out there to meet these people if I were not a photographer. Photography to me is more than just being able to technically take a great picture. I like to talk to, and get to know my clients so that people can really “see” who they are in their images. These three warriors are so amazing. I was listening to them talk so frankly about what life is like when you are fighting acute lymphoblastic lukemia. (Appointments for chemo, tests, spinal taps, losing hair, reacting to medication, waiting in the hospital, fasting before tests and treatments – their whole lives center around getting well and they are all winning the fight!!! Yeah!! Yet another reason I am fascinated with nutrition and other ways to heal your body!) Please join these amazing people as they work to help the Central Blood Bank replenish it’s life-giving supply.

You can see this life sized image also in support of the Central Blood Bank on a storefront at the South Hills Village Mall

  • Maria you are so strong and lovely girl you have been through so much but never did I not see that beautiful smile you have a great heart…so proud your giving back but that does not surprise me…your family is you Tammy

  • Shellyn Shoenthal

    It’s an honor to have such an amazing friend and supporter! Andrea, your photos have helped tell a much needed story about winning the cancer fight and starting our next fight – ensuring that everyone who can donate blood, does donate! And all those who can’t can spread the word! It is surreal to know that something that cost nothing, and takes little time can literally save a life!

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